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My name is Neri, and I am an intuitive and spiritual website and graphic designer. Sacred Spaces Website Design specialises in spiritual online projects aspiring to be unique, progressive and sustainable. I am passionate about partnering with spiritual beings, who aim to bring positivity and awakening to others through their websites and business interactions.

My spiritual awareness began as a child. A deep connection with the heavens and a curiosity about all things mystical and hidden. Over the years I have learned from many teachers, some religious, some spiritual, some neither. During the last eight years my spiritual development has accelerated, including becoming a qualified Astrologer through the Sydney School of Astrology.

spiritual web designer "I knew I needed a website, and had no idea where to start and who to call. I was recommended to Neri by a very dear and fastidious friend, who also found Neri by recommendation. After a few emails Neri managed to turn the idea I had visualised in my head into a reality, not just a website but her creative talents captured the essence of myself and my business. Being an alternative/spiritual business I was comforted knowing Neri had the knowledge and experience in this field and I wouldn’t need to explain terms or images I wanted as she already knew and could suggest more or where to find what I needed.

Neri turned my one little idea into a reality and where I had limited knowledge of the whole web building world, she designed a website and a blog perfect for me. Living in such an IT based society at the moment, I knew it was important my website reflected who I am, was easy to access, easy to read and be visually attractive. Her attention to detail was meticulous as was her great customer service and support. I would highly recommend to everyone who is wanting to design or redesign their website.
Much love and gratitude"
- Maya Giampa

Things of Great Importance

As an intuitive Website and Graphic Designer I feel deeply connected both spiritually and energetically to my clients. I strive to achieve balance in all areas of my life, which then allows me to offer a high standard of service which is both individually creative and professional. Given my drive for excellence I have recognised my work needs to be consistently and sensibly structured, as I live with fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, pre-and-post surgery shoulder injuries and complex PTSD.

Being mindful of my energy allows me to wholeheartedly immerse myself in creativity and attention to detail when working, whilst also giving myself permission to take scheduled time out to fill my own cup when my body signals me to do so. My aim is to be completely transparent and establish clear guidelines from the beginning. I trust the Universe to guide like minded souls to my services; those who feel both a personal connection and also believe I offer a great service on a professional level.

I truly believe my health challenges have created a better me. Through my experiences I have become a wiser, more committed, understanding and compassionate human being. This extends to my relationship with clients. As a natural empath I invest feeling and energy into my work. Through my own personal experiences I have developed an understanding of the many challenges others face, which can influence the direction a project may evolve. I believe this enhances my value as a web designer as I truly connect on so many levels.

Effective communication between both parties is fundamental to a mutually satisfying and abundant relationship as unmet expectations can cause conflict and frustration. The purpose of sharing my personal details is about being authentic and establishing integrity within my work and personal life. It allows me to honour myself, whilst also honouring you. By consciously choosing to work with me you are investing in someone who is walking their path, as you are walking your own. May we inspire one another and create something magical which reflects what you deeply wish to share with the world.

The hours I choose to dedicate to work allow me to complete projects within a reasonable time frame, and I am always finding new ways to work smarter and more efficiently. I recognise emergency situations such as a website or email being "down" may arise occasionally, and will receive my utmost attention. Occasionally, like so many of us, I may need to call in sick and reschedule things accordingly. With this in mind, I believe everything is always completed within it’s own perfect, divine timing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My web design work has spanned 15 years, running a successful music business online for six, and building over 6,000 web pages. I adhere to the philosophy that doing things well, takes passion, time and commitment. Strong foundations from the ground up - apply to website building as much as anything else. My websites are compliant, sustainable and ethical. I am passionate about my clients’ success, and the healing and enlightenment they bring to their own clients and website visitors.

Through building websites for holistic health practices, alternative religions and lifestyles, energy and psychic healing and metaphysical sciences and philosophies I can combine both my passions, live according to my beliefs and use my gifts.

I’d love to hear from anyone interested working with a like minded soul. If are looking for your first website, have one in need of re-design, are ready for business cards, banners - logo design, or simply want some advice on anything to do with your online business, please do not hesitate to contact me.

"Having worked with Nerium on previous client projects and being friends for over a year, I would highly recommend Nerium’s services for 5 main reasons:
  • She has more integrity than anyone else I know. I have always found her to honour her promises and commitments, her actions match what she says, she lives by her spiritual principles and she always strives to do what she believes is ’right’ for her clients, even if this means opting for hard work over less effective, quick-fix solutions.
  • Having worked in online consulting myself, I can vouch that her expertise in all things Internet is really strong. She balances technical and hand-coding expertise with sound marketing, business and SEO skills to create a very effective offering.
  • She puts great emphasis on her client relationships, always delving deep into their needs and putting a strong focus on educating them along the journey.
  • She is a deeply spiritual person which not only effects her values, but also feeds her passion for immersing herself in her client’s businesses and understanding what makes them special.
  • She is friendly, down to earth and calm - a wonderful, warm human being to work with - as well as professional and dependable.
In short, I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
- Graeme - Professional Photographer - North Sydney