How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

Or write a book, paint a picture or build a house.

A website can take a week, a month, or many more months. Here are some general points:

spiritual web design
  • Completion from the time of your enquiry, depends on how many other websites I am working on at the time, generally around 2-4 and some graphic design projects as well
  • From start time, with content and graphics completed and good communication, a site can launch within 3-4 weeks
  • Redesigns can also be quick, unless major content changes or new graphics are required
  • New Layout and Design tends to take the longest. Once completed, content can be added page by page fairly easily, so if you have your design, colour, style worked out we can start before you have any content written
  • Please see more details Information and Terms for New Clients HERE

How Long Does It Take To Build A Spiritual Website?

The process of intuitive web design differs in the same ways your spiritual business differs from others. Guidance, inspiration, energy and connection all play a vital role at every stage. Allowing the information to flow from you to me, and me to you, can sometimes result in things taking longer than planned.

We understand the importance of being in the right moment and space, therefore we can find ourselves waiting here and there for the right conditions to move forward. Sometimes clients (and I) get stuck and need time to unearth what is trying to come forth. Whilst I am waiting, I work on something else. Sometimes everyone has a breakthrough at the same time, and my list of work gets a little long for a time.

Occasionally there is an emergency and I may drop everything for a 'rescue'. These challenges are best met with the understanding this work is not a 9-5, switch-on / switch off job. I invest myself personally into my 'work', as do you. Things always get completed in their own, perfect time.

"I knew I needed a website, and had no idea where to start and who to call. I was recommended to Neri by a very dear and fastidious friend, who also found Neri by recommendation. After a few emails Neri managed to turn the idea that I had visualised in my head into a reality, not just a website but her creative talents captured the essence of myself and my business. Being an alternative/spiritual business I was comforted knowing Neri had the knowledge and experience in this field and I wouldn't need to explain terms or images I wanted as she already knew and could suggest more or where to find what I needed.

Neri turned my one little idea into a reality and where I had limited knowledge of the whole web building world, she designed a website and a blog perfect for me. Living in such an IT based society at the moment, I knew it was important that my website reflected who I was and was easy to access, to read and be visually attractive. Her attention to detail was meticulous as was her great customer service and support. I would highly recommend to everyone who is wanting to design or redesign their website.
Much love and gratitude."

Maya Giampa

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