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Intuitive Website Design

Sacred Spaces’ overall goal is to create and present you and your passion professionally through website design and graphic design, whilst maintaining the integrity of your spiritual core and beliefs.

I draw on my spiritual awareness and intuitive ability to connect with clients, to create each website or graphic design. During this process we can learn surprising things about ourselves as we dig deep to explore exactly how to reveal and present our passions, gifts and love to others online. Therefore the design work I do can be deeply spiritual as it often brings to light our true Self in the present moment.

Current Terms and Conditions

Bookings for 2019 are now available. Please open communication if you are looking for website design or graphic design.
Current Terms and Conditions and Information for New and Current Clients available here.
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Spirituality, Life and Work - About Me

As an intuitive Website and Graphic Designer I feel deeply connected both spiritually and energetically to my clients. I strive to achieve balance in all areas of my life, which then allows me to offer a high standard of service which is both individually creative and professional.

Being mindful of energy allows me to wholeheartedly immerse myself in creativity and attention to detail when working, whilst also giving myself permission to take scheduled time out to refill my own cup. My aim is to be completely transparent and establish clear guidelines from the beginning. I trust the Universe to guide like minded souls to my services; those who feel both a personal connection and also believe I offer a great service on a professional level.

Effective communication between both parties is fundamental to a mutually satisfying and abundant relationship as unmet expectations can cause conflict and frustration. By consciously choosing to work with me you are investing in someone who is walking their path, as you are walking your own. May we inspire one another and create something magical which reflects what you deeply wish to share with the world.

The hours I choose to dedicate to my passions allow me to complete projects within a reasonable time frame, and I am always finding new ways to work smarter and more efficiently. I also work professionally as an Astrologer and have other projects including writing and editing for both healing and business.

New websites can be divided into two parts... the design: layout, colours, fonts and images (your banner and logo); and the content added to the pages once up online. It’s no longer surprising to me how long web design can take. You have an idea, what you like, what you don’t like, and I start sending you images which fit your ideas... but then you realise these ideas are not really you... not at all... you thought you were ready... who are you then? You thought you were pink, angels, flowers, or not... you thought you were straight lines, but you are curly and fun... wow.. a new you. Scary.

What I love about my work is I take this journey of self discovery with you. The re-thinking, re-assessing, soul searching part of your web design. Your website is you. Your soul. Your Self! No wonder it can be back and forth, up and down, high and low. But at some stage, a breakthrough, a taste on the tip of your tongue, a remembered smell or sound from childhood, when you had hopes for an amazing life, free from what others said you were supposed to be, what you were supposed to like and not like, accept and not accept.

It can be tiring for me and for you, but it’s so, so worth it. Keep on with your digging - at the bottom of the well that is YOU, is a diamond... cut from dirty, stinky coal, which is not you anymore. Polished over time through love, hate, pain, suffering, laughter, fear and joy. I like to think my clients find their diamonds through this process, face their fears, and stand on their own. Crying is allowed. Fear is allowed. This is You, if we do it with love, sometimes tough love, it’s always the real You in the end. Maybe the You you never knew was there, deep down, inside.

My goal is to give you a mirror, a reflection online, to show the world what is meaningful, what is real, what is of value in your life, in your heart. My goal is for you to be happy with what you have created. With what we create, over and over and over.


Whilst I do not specifically do readings, reiki or pass on messages from loved ones, I believe I do connect with Spirit, particularly when I am feeling my way with a new client. The relationship with myself, my clients, and the knowledge many of you know each other, is something I take very seriously.

Most of my work comes from clients-now-friends, and their friends and colleagues. It’s wonderful. It is also very important you and I have our own unbiased and fresh garden bed in which to plant our seeds of friendship, and build a business relationship. If you have been referred to me by a dear friend, or respected colleague, please put that aside for a moment and remember to ask all the questions you would if you knew nothing about me.

A wise friend once said "what one person believes has been an awesome experience for them, is only their point of view." There is no right and wrong, - we are all different, and it’s important to recognise this from the beginning, to keep our expectations realistic and genuine.

A Day In The Life

spiritual web design

Here is a little snapshot of my week. As someone who works for themselves, and on my own, there are many little tasks I have to do for my business and yours, which are not strictly web or graphic design. About 40% of my time is involved in communication, research, backups of work completed, invoicing and reminding of unpaid invoices etc. Emergencies can happen any time and so influence the weekly schedule.

Preferred Method of Contact between Designer and Client

For information on why I prefer to use email for all contact, please click here.

"I highly recommend Neri of Sacred Spaces to all highly sensitive individuals who are looking to create a website. I knew straight away Neri was the web designer for me. Some time ago I was researching on the internet for a Reiki Master, while doing this research I felt like all of the websites I looked at were unappealing and unprofessional, and I critically applied this to the business’ these websites were representing.

Finally however, I came across one which was professional as well as heart centred, and the Reiki Master I got in contact with through that site, turned out to be just as wonderful as her website portrayed her to be. When it came time for me to make my own business website I went straight to that Reiki Master’s site to discover who the web designer had been – turns out it was Neri!

Upon contacting Neri, I knew right away that my intuition had been spot on, and she ended up developing a website for me that was exactly what I wanted: professional as well as heart centred. Neri offers the ultimate personal service in what is typically an un-personal field (the internet), and this suited me exactly. She guided me through every step of both the business and the website building process, and her payment plan was just what I needed to get started.

Whether you’re a beginner in business or a seasoned professional, I recommend you get your metaphysical website created by Neri, you won’t be disappointed!"
Emerald - Victoria

Domain Name Registration

For information on registration of your domain name (website name, URL) please click here.
If you are in any way unsure how to proceed with a new registration, or have one already and do not have access to the account, please contact me immediately.

New Website Design

For information on the process of having a website designed, please click here.

Current Website RE-Design

Research into and reports on current websites will be at a cost of $50. This is an in-depth procedure which includes screenshots, reading through code and content, checking compliance to the World Wide Web Organisation, any little thing(s) affecting your website and business and relaying them to you in an orderly and informative manner. Should you then continue on and have a re-design/new website built, the cost can be deducted from the total amount.

For information on the process of having a website re-designed, please click here.

Coding and Templates

I hand code my websites. This means I write code on a blank screen, and do not use templates or any web building software such as wordpress, joomla, dreamwaver, wix or any kind of content management. Content Management Software allows the client to build and access their own website and make changes. I use three foundational coding languages - CSS, HMTL and PHP - to build websites and each page is checked for errors, and verified with the World Wide Consortium (WC3) for accuracy and up to date code changes.

Web Page Optimisation

SEO is the addition of code and content to maximise each page’s potential search results position (where your pages will appear in your browser as you search using various keywords and phrases). There are many ideas regarding website optimisation, I strictly follow the current standards and rules set by Google. This information is available directly from Google and here in PDF format. It is not possible to accurately predict where a website will appear in the search results. Google warns against using any web designer who promises you a particular position, as generally the tactics used to try and achieve a high ranking will be illegal (black hat techniques).

Editing, Updating and Access

Access to your website control panel is restricted. The reasons for this are available here.


Blogs are not built into your website. They are linked from your website with a simple one-click action. I use the Wordpress Linen Theme, and set up your blog to look just like your website. Linking them together allows your visitors to move easily from one to the other. Copying your blog content to your website as general content gives you two locations where searchers can find you, as it allows two opportunities for the blog content to be indexed by search engines. By adding the blog content to your website you also update your website content regularly without any extra work. Current Blog pricing here.

Moving On

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Some Recent Websites


Graphic Design

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A Few Thoughts

spiritual web design My own spiritual time is very important to me, and also reflects the commitment to excellence and positive energy I bring to my work, and your websites. I am always trying to improve my own work/life balance, and web design is only one of my passions. I ask for your patience and understanding should things not always go as expected.

My personal belief is, things happen according to their own time, and in this they are perfect and complete.