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Thinking about your new website can be daunting. Some days you feel ready to launch yourself publicly online, opening your very being to the welcome (or scrutiny) of others, other days - not so much.

Here are some tips to help you work on your website launch, culminating in a beautiful online presence which represents both you and your business.

If you don't have all the boxes ticked, no matter; I can help you along and simplify the web design process, giving you the head and heart space to focus on what you need to. One of the wonderful aspects of partnering with Sacred Spaces, is you get to do what you do best, and so do I.

"Working with Neri is a partnership. She's interested, cares – she is in there with you. Neri gets that your business and website are an expression of you, and creates sites that say more about the business than even you realised yourself.

This is such a unique and precious quality in a web designer – it leads to authentic, integral sites that inspire trust, and speak to the people you want to connect with – the ideal customers."
Brendan Coutts, Sydney

Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting

For information on registration of your domain name (website name, URL) please click here.
If you are in any way unsure how to proceed with a new registration, or have one already and do not have access to the account, please contact me immediately.

Banner/Logo Design

  • our very first step is the design of your website banner/logo
  • the logo/website banner design can take a week or a month, and can take more than 50% of my overall time and energy
  • this creative process depends on how much you understand about yourself in this moment, how well you can communicate to me, and me understand you, and together exploring how to present that through imagery, colour and design
  • whilst we are designing for web use, I always render the final hi res, ready for professional printing. That way we are print ready, for future business cards, posters, banners etc

Page Design, Website Build and Navigation

  • an online web page is then built around the design including adding complementary colours, textures, background images, and text colours
  • next we add in content, including images, written content, video, links etc
  • integrating design and content, navigation and overall presentation, usually takes me around 30-50% of the time I spend on your website design and build, depending on how many pages your website will have

Website Launch and Beyond

  • email if not done already, testing
  • complete web page optimisation (seo) and website code check
  • verify new website with Google, add Google Analytics
  • launch
  • revisiting and doing maintenance to ensure your site is getting the best results possible
  • discuss the need for a Work Schedule to help us both keep in regular contact and the site fully updated

Goals of the Website

  • clear, concise overview of the purpose for you and your visitors
  • what do you want them to experience and take action on when they visit your website

Website Target Audience

  • gender
  • age
  • internet experience
  • education
  • spirituality
  • lifestyle
  • personality
  • demographics

Website Inclusions - What do I want my pages to contain?

  • text content - optimised for ranking and search ability, I can edit and rewrite if needed
  • images - photoshop is used to work with your images
  • videos - YouTube is the most reliable way to show videos from your website
  • email form if needed, with spam protection and spam assassin enabled on your server
  • articles are a great way to add new content, as is content from external blogs
  • PayPal - tailored buttons and payment gateway - you MUST use a business PayPal account for your business website
  • social media - links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
  • please see more details about inclusions in the Basic Website Package here

Website Pages - What are the initial pages I would like?

  • Home, About, Contact, Services, Classes, Events, FAQ, Terms, Qualifications, Fees, Payments, Testimonials, Courses

Website Completion Time

  • completion from the time of your enquiry depends on how many other websites I am working on, generally around two to four and some graphic design projects as well
  • from start time, with content and graphics completed and good communication, a site can launch within 3-4 weeks
  • redesigns can also be quick, unless major content changes or new graphics are required
  • new layout and graphic design tends to take the longest. Once completed, content can be added page by page fairly easily, so if you have your design, colour, style worked out we can start before you have any content written
  • please see New Client Terms and Conditions here

What Do I Have Ready for my Website?

  • logo/banner: may need adjusting for online/screen application
  • content (text, images, videos etc)
  • visual aspects, colour, design, layout, font styles etc
  • find some websites you like-dislike, do certain colours resonate with your passion and work? Critters, angels, flowers?
  • please note: you do not need everything to be perfect before you send it to me, things will always be changing on a healthy website and sometimes it needs to be seen on screen to know what to do next. Let's get started with what you do have, and the rest will flow

Web Page Content

  • 400-600 words for each page, one topic only, or closely related sub-topics
  • 3-4 main keywords or phrases, use synonyms if possible
  • WRITE FOR YOUR AUDIENCE, not what you think Google might like to read. Do not overuse the same words so it sounds like a sales pitch. Google has evolved tremendously, and can discern between well written grammar, good sentence structure, and a jumble of words to try and get Google's attention
  • pick your topic, keep your keywords related to that topic in mind, and then think about your visitors as you write from the heart
  • Google currently DOES NOT use the keyword tag when indexing and ranking your page in search results. Well written content is extremely important
  • more on writing your Content here

What happens after my Website is launched?

  • once the website is ready to be revealed, there are a few housekeeping jobs for me
  • the website is added to, and verified with, Google. I open a Google account if you do not already have one, and also add Google Analytics code to every website page
  • I clean up all the code, and make sure it is validated with the World Wide Web Consortium's Validator
  • I remove any test pages and images from the server, so nothing is hosted which is not being used
  • optimisation involves adding key words and phrases to the meta data of each page and making sure your content is optimised for both humans and robots (Google currently does NOT use keyword tag information when indexing and ranking pages - however I still fill these in, as Google can change their mind on this at any time)
  • all relevant images will have descriptive 'alt' tags for the Search Engines to rank the images, and this tag also shows up as content if the image doesn't load in a browser
  • I check the bandwidth usage. It can be difficult to judge how much server space a site will use every month, it depends on the type of content and visitor numbers
  • I add you to my list of launched websites and hope to hear that your visitors love the site and your business is successful
  • I offer Work Schedules to help clients keep in touch and make sure websites stay up to date in every way, see details here

Website SEO and Optimisation

Website page optimisation is the work done on an individual web page, so Search Engines know what that particular web page is about. When someone types a certain phrase into a search bar, they expect to see what they are looking for in the search results. Optimisation makes sure your site pages appear logically in Search Engine results. Optimisation involves the visible content on the page and the hidden code - more here.

I Recommend

I have been successfully hosting and building websites for 16 years. During that time, I have come to recommend highly these companies and software programs, which I use to run my business, and protect my business from spyware, spam and viruses. See more of my Recommendations here.

web design for spiritual people
web design for spiritual people

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