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General Information

Please note that I combine information about 'cost' and 'value' in the same document I publish my prices. My prices are very competitive, however cost is what you pay, value is what you get. It's important you understand what is involved in building a great website, and the extras I offer and how I choose to 'work'.

So here are insights into my methods, what you can expect from me personally and professionally, office hours, why I prefer you contact me by email and my software recommendations to run your own day to day home life and business.

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New Clients

What is included in your web design package, costs, benefits, information on why I build hand coded websites, and how to keep your website up to date. I have also included information on how to move on if you so choose.

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Graphic Design Work

Terms of Service and details about the Graphic Design Process, Ordering, Printing and Payment.

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Mutual Reponsibilities

What are you responsibilities as a business and website owner? What are mine as your web designer? Read this PDF to help manage expectations within our relationship as designer and client.
Read more on how we update your website generally (add events, change general content, add an image), and the most efficient way to send me your edits/updates (including a slightly humourous look at how they can take much longer than expected).

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Current Client Work Schedules

Due to recent feedback I will now be offering 2 x 15 minute free General Website Updates per month, per client. I am also now offering regular Work Schedules to help current clients keep in touch and keep their websites up to date regularly. A Work Schedule is an agreed upon amount of time set aside to complete certain tasks after launch.

Once a New Client's '3 months extra time' has expired, they can either:
a) Sign up for a Plan A or Plan B Work Schedule or;
b) Choose to pay per hour any time for any work (meaning pay as you go for any work requested)
Read through the goals of a Work Schedule below.

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Malware and Protecting your PC, Laptops and iPads

Below are two articles on https:// and malware. It's extremely important we protect ourselves as much as possible when online. Emails, internet and phones can be attacked by any number of malicious programs and people. Also some information to help you understand what having a https:// website means compared to a http:// only.


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