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THIS FORM AN EXAMPLE ONLY - please send all information directly via email
- e: info@nerikdesign.com.au.

General Website Updates - basic updates with image resizing if needed, no Graphic Design
Two separate 15 minute updates per month, per client.
Text/Images Only
Add Video (must be on YouTube)
Add Buttons/Website Links
PayPal/Buy Now Button - Add/Edit

Newsletters, PDFs - Content and images converted to PDFs as Newsletters or Manuals etc
Newsletters (PDFs for Emailing)
Text to PDF/Presentations (Manuals, Workshop)

Blogs - Design and new Posts
Blog Post Upload (current Blog)
Blog Design (new Blog)

Graphic Design - Please be clear about use
Graphic Design for Printing (Flyers etc)
Graphic Design for Printing and Email/Web (Flyers etc)
Graphic Design for Email/Web Use Only (Flyers etc)

Social Media
Facebook Posters (Personal Page Only)
Facebook Business Ad (Business Page Only)
Facebook Page Banner

Website Optimisation


Please state your preferred time for completion of this work request.
It is my goal to have general editing/updating work completed by the end of the day, two working days from submission, as long as the work submission is complete and all information is presented clearly.
Work submitted Monday by 4pm, should be done by the very latest, Thursday 4pm.. work submitted on a Tuesday by the Friday.
(As I am currently not working Wednesdays, do not count that day)
Work requests needing clarification or re-submission due to further edits and changes, will take longer overall.

Is there a deadline for print/postage/submission - when you need to receive in the post, send to a printer, send to a publisher?

Instructions/Other Information

PLEASE NOTE: All aspects of a Work Request must be sent, communicated clearly, before any expectation of work completion timeframe. Please try to send me everything I need to complete the task on time, efficiently and with minimal back and forth emailing.

This includes any passwords which may have been changed which I will need. Please do not send me "try this/try that". Check yourself online, before sending me new passwords.
I believe I have sent all that is needed.

I do have more information coming, I will send further by email.

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